I’m a Living Sickness: Halloween A Go Go 2011
31 blood curdling groovy stompers.

1. The Deadly Ones- It’s Monster Surfing Time
2. Bo Diddley- Bo Meets the Monster
3. Tony’s Monstrosities- Igor’s Party
4. The Monotones- Zombi
5. Bert Convy- The Monster Hop
6. Bunker Hill- Red Ridin’ Hood and the Wolf
7. Jan Davis- Watusi Zombie
8. Link Wray- The Shadow Knows
9. Lee Kristofferson- Night of the Werewolf
10. The Swanks- Ghost Train
11. The Calico Wall- I’m a Living Sickness
12. The Phantom Five- Graveyard
13. Jim Burgett- Jekyll and Hyde
14. Ralph Nielson and the Chancellors- Scream
15. The Del-Aires- Zombie Stomp
16. Elroy Dietzel- Rockin’ Bones
17. Kenny and the Fiends- House on Haunted Hill
18. Round Robin- I’m the Wolfman
19. Atlantics- War of the Worlds
20. Davie Allan and the Arrows- Theme From the Unknown
21. Ken Kerr and the Idols- Haunted House
22. Crewnecks- Rockin’ Zombie
23. Satan and Satan’s Roses- I’m a Devil
24. Terry Teene- Curse of the Hearse
25. Los Saicos- Cementerio
26. Big Bee Kornegay- At the House of Frankenstein
27. The Savoys- The Mortal Monster Man
28. Billy Taylor- Wombie Zombie
29. Anton LaVey- Satan Takes a Holiday
30. Jack Starr- My Love For You Is Petrified
31. The Novas- The Crusher
  Compilation and cover put together by Joshua, get it here.

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