in Bb flat. Play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order. here.
Above, photos that surprisingly turned out beautifully without being touched or edited- taken with a cell phone, on a bright summer day and with an expired disposable camera.  

Also, in the third photo, can you tell that my head is half buzzed? It's called a Chelsea or Barbie, skinhead girl hair that I was reluctant to grow out. Many skinhead girls wore the Chelsea with a long back but mine but completely buzzed at a one in the back.


  1. i love the berry-picking (or what are they picking?) photo. muted and dull, it turned out so great! thanks for sharing. xo.

  2. That is a photo of my boyfriend and I picking strawberries a couple of summers ago. Expired film turns out so well, the only downfall is that sometimes nearly a third of them don't develop at all.

  3. lovely photos! especially the one with the purple flowers :)
    so glad i stumbled upon your lovely blog :)

    xo ellie