Chelsea Hotel.

Beautiful photos from here, here and here.

I fell in love with Leonard Cohen years ago, around the time I fell in love with Joshua. I worked at a small record shop, Johnny Go's House o' Music, for a small amount of time upon moving into my first apartment. I obtained this job because of a mutual liking of Ronnie Dawson and my duties included motorcycle rides and having lunch together, Johnny and me. We went to many shows as he wrote reviews for a local newspaper, my favorite being Leonard Cohen. I easily could have fallen for Johnny, a man much older than myself, who actually saw Ronnie perform in person, if I hadn't fallen for Joshua. Such small details can change everything drastically.

This week has consisted of beginning a new job at a sushi bar, visiting a children's museum, taking pictures with polaroid film we found for fifty cents, and being outdoors as much as possible before it is too awfully cold. Presley has a new thing of knowing when I am not in bed with him- he scootches around trying to find my body to rest his head, even as I write this.

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